Where Is My Home?

Rachel is a fifteen-year-old Jewish girl, hiding to stay alive in German-occupied Prague at the end of World War II. Karl is a seventeen-year-old, ethnic-German boy, lured to join the Nazis, who were by then desperate for new recruits. These two unlikely allies are thrown together during the turmoil of Prague’s liberation. Despite differences, Rachel and Karl find love. Their feelings for each other blossom even as their families, homes and ways of life are destroyed by the chaos of war and hatred. As the Soviet communist regime tightens its grip on war-torn Prague, they decide to try finding Karl’s rural home. Their travels are filled with hardship, and upon reaching their destination they find that only their love offers security. The characters in Where is My Home ? might be fictional, but the incidents are based on real historical events, witnessed by the author.

Mind Control: (a near-future world learns that not all solutions are technical)

Mind Control describes a near-future world with two separate communities. In one greed and disregard for nature dominate, and in the other love and care for the environment are most important. Using communication, felt, rather than spoken, the latter, succeeds in overcoming the egotism and selfishness of the former. This gentle revolution is let by a young girl, May, who has the ability of thought communication to an extraordinary degree. Eventually, even a former, ruthless leader begins to change after he is isolated with an accomplice on a remote island. Radmila Boruvka Raikow was born in Prague, Czech Republic. She and her family immigrated to the US to escape Stalinist persecutions, and became naturalized, US citizens. With a PhD in genetics, she spent a career doing research in basic and medical biology. Mind Control as well as her two earlier novels, deal with interaction between two points of view: the first, Heterosis, published under her maiden name, Radmila Boruvkova, deals with Polynesian and Western cultures; and the second, Where Is My Home ?, describes two young people, Rachel and Karl, a Jew and a Nazi soldier, who fall in love in the shambles of post-war Czechoslovakia.

Heterosis. A newly minted biologist Raisha Endicott yearns to do something to help the world. She takes a job on a south sea island hoping to get that chance. There she runs up against the same ‘good old boys’ barriers she had experienced on the mainland. But in a pristine setting she finds her calling after meeting Iakano a young native.

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