The Author

Radmila Boruvkova Raikow was born in Prague and spent her childhood there during the Nazi and Communist occupations. She and her family immigrated to the US to escape Stalinist persecutions. She studied biology and New York University and Brooklyn College and received a Ph.D. in genetics and UC Berkeley.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website. As you can see from the photo here, the 64 years that have passed since the black and white photo shown above was taken, are obvious in my face.

I used to be a research biologist, and am now retired. The main reason for this website is to publicize some fiction books I have written. They all deal with interactions between two points of view and all of them are available on Amazon. I would love to get from you any comments and suggestions.

The first of my books, Heterosis, was published under my maiden name, Radmila Boruvkova, and deals with Polynesian and Western cultures.

A newly minted biologist, Raisha Endicott, yearns to do something to help the world. She takes a job on a South Sea Island, hoping to get that chance. However, there she runs against the same “good old boy’s” barriers she had experienced on the mainland. Then, in a pristine setting, she finds her calling after meeting Iakano, a young native.

My second book, published under my married name, RB Raikow, is Where Is My Home.

It is in, my opinion, the best of the three and describes two young people, Rachel and Karl, a Jew and a Nazi soldier. They are thrown together by World War II into the shambles of post-war Czechoslovakia. Despite their very different backgrounds, they become friends and more. The Soviet Communist regime tightens, and they decide to try finding Karl’s old rural home. Their travels are filled with hardship, and upon reaching their destination they realize that only their love offers security. All the characters in this book are fictional, but they are based on incidents that I myself either witnessed or heard about in my childhood.

My third book, Mind Control, describes a near-future world on which there are two separate communities.

In one of these greed and disregard for welfare and the natural environment dominate, but in the other love and care for nature are most important. Using communication, felt rather than spoken, the latter succeeds in overcoming the egotism and selfishness of the former. The result is a gentle revolution, led by a a young girl named May. Eventually, even the ruthless leader of the opposing community begins to change.

Friday Night Stories is a collection of amazing short stories, written and illustrated by my late sister, Shari.

In addition to her writing ability, she excelled in music performance (she was a professional opera singer in Europe for over twenty years). Her talent in art shows in the illustrations found in this book.

My wonderful late husband, Robert, who was a professor and research scientist, wrote
My Life from Metaphysics to Metamucil, which is available from Lulu.

On the back cover of this book he added: “I recorded my memories here without embellishment in the hope that they might give a glimpse into what life was like for someone moving into the middleclass during the twentieth century.”

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